AGCO Fendt relies on the deburring technology from 2K Maschinenbau from Schleswig-Holstein. 2K Maschinenbau impresses with the PINFLOW process at the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of tractors and agricultural machinery, AGCO-Fendt. The global player uses deburring and cleaning technology for component cleaning and surface optimization of its components.

Fendt is the leading high-tech brand in the AGCO Group for customers with the highest demands. In many areas of agricultural technology, Fendt is a pioneer when it comes to future-oriented developments. At six German locations, AGCO employs around 5,400 people in research and development, sales and marketing, as well as production, service and administration. The Fendt brand has been part of the American global player since 1997. AGCO was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, USA. In 2018, AGCO had net sales of $ 9.4 billion.

Burr-free and clean components in line with requirements are a basic requirement in all industries today in order to ensure the quality of subsequent processes and flawless product function. In addition, different materials and manufacturing technologies require customized deburring and cleaning solutions. At FENDT, the issue of industrial deburring and cleaning on the part surface and especially inside the part is a central challenge in the post-processing of parts and components.

The company representatives got to know each other through their joint partner Danfoss. What began many years ago with a service contract covering all aspects of maintenance and repair has developed into a trusting cooperation and a success story for both companies. Today Fendt uses several deburring and cleaning machines from 2K Maschinenbau in three-shift operation. Different types, 35 different components, which vary between 1 kg to 80 kg, are deburred and cleaned inside and out. The development department picks up the convincing results internally and plans the good surface compaction by the PINFLOW for further surface finishing of the components.

“The PINFLOW systems are characterized by reliability and solidity. We have found that no other processes come into question that are economically compatible with the component sizes and weights. Other applications are too costly and too complex to use, ”says Johann Schneider, AGCO GmbH.

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